Terror: India should look inward

India seems to be at home with internal terrorist groups, which contrasts starkly with the pro-active stance against global terrorists like Masood Azhar. After the Balakot air strike to avenge the Pulwama attack, India had a strong message for the world: ‘No terror attack will go unpunished’. But the April 1 issue of Outlookhas turned the searchlight inwards to find as many as 43 terror outfits operating within the country. The article exposes the fragility of internal security that has remained unchanged since five years. The listing of JeM chief Azhar as a global terrorist is being hailed as a significant success of Indian diplomacy in creating a narrative against terror with international organisations.

The February 14 car bomb attack at Pulwama was condemned by the world, political pressure was mounted on Pakistan to take action while the UN Security Council virtually cornered China to lift its ‘technical hold’ on listing Azhar. It was speculated that Beijing’s obduracy had more to do with anxiety about the security of massive Chinese investments made in Pakistan, particularly the infrastructure laid in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Now that the matter is resolved, India awaits an effective policy to deal with insurgents; the security of her coastline too needs the urgent attention of Central and coastal State governments. ‘In-house reforms, even if difficult to implement, would provide better protection to citizens,’ says the Outlook article.

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