‘Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas’ Rewind | BJP & NaMo sing success song

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

With general election 2019 round the corner, the ruling BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi began on the front foot after EC announced poll dates on March 10, tweeting the NDA government’s performance in last five years on ‘Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas’ — BJP’s tagline for inclusive development in 2014. They soon started directing social media users towards #PhirEkBarModiSarkar.

Analysis of BJP and Modi’s Twitter feed in March 10-20 period by IMPECTStudy (#IMPECTStudy #WeAreWatchingYou) found that apart from tweets on their achievements in last five years, there were also tweets appealing first-time voters to step into the polling booth. Modi’s tweet —The festival of democracy, Elections are here. I urge my fellow Indians to enrich the 2019 Lok Sabha elections with their active participation. I hope this election witnesses a historic turnout. I particularly call upon first time voters to vote in record numbers — was re-tweeted the most, 14,818 in number. This apart, the tweets highlighted Modi’s efforts to create voter awareness. Titled ‘Work for Vote Awareness’, Modi through his tweets has been calling for voter awareness across the country. On March 12, he sent out 31 tweets; of these, 29 tweets within an hour were appeals to 100 leading personalities to encourage people to vote — titled ‘Four Request for Democracy’ — it gained popularity by almost 5K-15k re-tweets in a single day. Modi also appealed to opposition parties to make people aware about the importance of voting.

Overall, tweets on Modi and BJP-led government’s achievements in the last five years occupied predominant space in those 10 days. Modi tweeted 78 of his 103 tweets on achievements during his tenure; the BJP tweeted 133 out of 178 tweets extolling its government’s performance in last five years. These 211 tweets (out of total 281) on Modi and BJP’s successes were shared through articles, blogs, news reports, exclusive interviews and TV news debates. Blogs by Arun Jaitley on BJP’s performance titled ‘Agenda-2019’ dealing with Pulwama attack, national security, terrorism and other issues like ‘Is Prime Minister Modi’s First Five Year Tenure a Turning Point on Corruption?’, ‘Modi Hai To Mumkin Hai’ etc., were highlighted through tweets on BJP’s account. News and articles like exclusive interview with Amit Shah by ToI, exclusive interview with Arun Jaitley by CNN 18 etc., were shared on BJP’s twitter handle. Achievements were also shared through videos like ‘Pledging Your First Vote For Modi’, ‘Main Bhi Chowkidar’, a short campaign video titled ‘Siksha Se Rojgar Tak Yuva Ke Sath Modi Sarkar’, posters of ‘Agenda-2019’ by Arun Jaitley, a poster campaign ‘Fark Saf Hain’ comparing 55 years of Congress rule with 55 months of BJP rule etc.

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