Modi Years In Perspective

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

The online news portal Scroll.in has an interesting section titled ‘The Modi Years’, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s five year reign has been reviewed. The news portal mainly examines the milestones, policies and controversies during his term. As part of the IMPECT Study (#IMPECTStudy #WeAreWatchingYou) , all the 20 stories were analysed.

Backed by statistics, the stories focus on certain areas that the Modi regime claims to have ushered in significant change. Starting with hard queries on the controversial Rafale deal to progress in affordable housing, electricity connection and construction of sanitary toilets under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, the news portal has analysed the PM’s hits and misses. The story on accessibility of banking services for the poor showed that while Jan Dhan Yojana led to increase in the number of bank accounts, credit facilities have not kept pace. Another story lauds the Modi regime’s drive to eradicate open defecation, recording an ‘impressive increase in access to toilets’, but at the same time points to conflicting figures regarding usage of toilets. In a story on mob violence, Scroll.in reported, “There are no government statistics of hate crimes in India but there are a few media outlets that have attempted to track them. According to IndiaSpend, there have been 117 gau raksha-related incidents of violence in India since 2015. As per Quint, 88 people have been killed in lynchings since 2015 across India.In the words of Scroll.in: “The Modi government’s term has been marked by sharp debate, not just on unemployment but on every issue that he has touched upon.”

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