#NationFirst in National Media

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

The IMPECT Study (#WeAreWatchingYou) from March 10-20 shows that the issue of national security was given a major platform in national media, and it rapidly gained traction as a poll issue. With #NationFirst, Republic TV (a sample size) took a hardline on this issue and gave it space at the forefront. Intense prime time debates over Pulwama attack were aired after February 14, and it was re-ignited as a core issue for political parties from March 10 with gathering momentum in election campaign.

Highlighting the Modi government’s ‘muscular’ riposte to the Pulwama outrage while bashing the Opposition for comments like ‘match-fixing’ and ‘accident’ characterising the terror attack — occupied major space in the prime time debates of Republic TV.

Hashtags like #ChinaShieldsMasood/Series of diplomatic disasters, #BanMasoodAzhar, #IndiaAgainstArmyBaiters, #BalakotTape, #ModiVsWho as well as questions raised during debates like ‘Questioning Modi has become questioning the security forces?’, ‘Asking for proof of Balakot terror incident’, ‘Anti-Army campaign begins in Kashmir, Omar Abdullah raises jeep incident to target the forces’ etc., consistently harped on national security — thereby overtly seeking to create a narrative on nationalism in the run-up to the election.

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