Shifting Media Focus on Poll Issues

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

The IMPECT Study (#IMPECTStudy #WeAreWatchingYou) of the Print Media, especially Times Of India from March 10-20 shows the pace of media shifting the issues in no-time. This has started consistently with the dates of election are announced on March 10. The very issues that surround the Pulwama Terror and its revenge with the airstrike by India and then bringing back of Abhinandan, re-establishing the narrative of Nationalism after the India’s Independence Struggle in early twentieth century, has been immediately wiped out of the media space for few days.

The IMPECT Study shows how in a very few days, the ToI becomes election-informative, diverting the nationalism and heroism issue fuelled out of the Pulwama terror. This has found out tha the pages now: (a) Reflects the share of existing seats of BJP, Congress and others including the third front and grand alliance. (b) Shares the information on position of regional parties, and their scope in expanding their wings with strategic alliance are analyzed. (c) Inform the readers about the current political situation in states across the country and big issues of each states like farm crisis in Rajasthan, Jat reservation in Haryana, Millitancy issue in Jammu & Kashmir, Citizenship bill in Assam, women’s entry to Sabarimala in Kerala, water shortages and inter-state river disputes in Tamil Nadu, etc. and depicts the key political figures in each states with a good graphical representation.

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