Emergence of Political Formula Films

Its takes two to Tango and when you combine films and Politics it does more then simply sway the public mood and emotions especially at the opportuned time of General assembly elections.

The films like Uri, Thakeray, Accidental Prime Minister and upcoming flicks like My name is Raga, Narendra Modi and the like have become tools for promoting political interests. Films like Andhi, Nayak, Raajneeti were always under the scanner for revealing too much and too little of the political leaders and there were indications of resemblance between the protagonists and existing leaders but the upcoming flicks are biopics with a perspective.

While reviews have clearly done a post mortem on the content,an FGD of 30 media students were conducted who had viewed the films and the revelations are quite eye opening

Propaganda: Most of the students refereed to the films as being subtly propagandist yet not brazenly party-motivated. There were students who commented that in case of URI, the propaganda was not overt while ‘The accidental Prime Minister’ did make the Prime Minister look like a Paper Tiger and the Varu as the hero

Nationalism: Nationalism is the key theme in all the movies but many of the students have pointed out that at the end of URI and Thakeray, there was an ingrained sense of nationalism and some feel that this was the requirement of the script and not forced into the flow.

Dramatised: Much of the sequences have been over-dramatized like that of using bird instead of a drone in Uri or the silence of the Prime Miniter or narration of Baru.

Timing: The Timing of releasing these movies does encourage others to think otherwise while some feel that films were made since they would be accepted this time and acceptability of the content by the people is but natural.

Heroic stand: In case of all the three films, a hero has been projected and there were instances where lots of things have been justified in order to promote the acceptability of the characters. For instance Thakeray's role in the Mumbai riots or Baru's role in revealing official dealings.

Dr. Anupa Lahkar Goswami

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