Hashtag Propaganda in Media

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

This is surprising that media, especially electronic media are making the use of hashtags (#) that has become the easiest way to catch the attention of the viewers. In fact, hashtags have helped media the most to raise their TRP points to a new level. But, the bigger question that the IMPECT Study (#WeAreWatchingYou) needs to address is, whether these hash tags in media are used as propaganda or the media hash tags are utilized by the political parties to give mileage to their campaigning during election.

The IMPECT Study from March 10-20 observed that the Republic TV, which is taken as one of its sample size has colored its screen with lots of hashtags. #CongressCollapse, #ChaosInCong, #OppnRamzanCard, #ConBharatMataClaim, #OppositionVsEC, #CongArmsDealerWeb, #CongViolenceAlliance, #HuntForRahulAgent, #NamardInsult, #LeadingFamilyLetter, #ModiChantSpooksCong, #BihariDacoitInsult, #NaMoAgainAngersCong, #ModiDynastyAttack, #ModiChowkidarCampaign and #ChowkidarJailsNirav are most of the hashtags used within these days on the screen of Republic TV. These are the hashtags that follows almost all the the Prime Time debates with its Chief Editor Arnab Goswami and also made headlines out of these. These hashtags are more inclined towards the attack on the Congress and other opposition parties. The hashtags clearly highlights a one-sided consistent attack and raising one-way question to the Congress party and the Mahagathbandhan (Grand Alliance) that somehow also question the unbiased nature of journalism. The IMPECT Study shows that the news reports and debates using hashtags within these days are established to lower the Congress and the Mahagathbandhan (Grand Alliance), hence giving mileage to the election campaigns of Modi government. Therefore, it will be interesting to see to what extent these hashtags are used by the media till the polls in all phases are completed.

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